Execute G/L Internal Reconciliation

  1. From the SAP Business One Main Menu, Go to Financials Module > Internal Reconciliations > Reconciliation
  2. In Reconciliation Type, choose "Manual"
  3. Enter the Reconciliation Date, By default, the current date is displayed. Change if necessary.
  4. Select the G/L Account to reconcile.
  5. Tick "Date" if you want to reconcile transactions in a certain period of time only. This is optional. 
  6. Click Reconcile to open the Internal Reconciliation Window
  7. Select the transactions you want to reconcile.
  8. Change the Row Amount in "Amount To Reconcile" if necessary.
  9. Any balance difference between the selected transactions, create an adjustment.
  10. Click the Adjustment button in which you can create journal entry or document that is required to complete the reconciliation.
  11. After adjustment, a zero amount in "Amount to Reconcile" column indicates balanced reconciliation.
  12. Click Reconcile

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