Create a Document Numbering Series

Follow these steps to create a Document Numbering Series in SAP Business One:
  1. Go to Administration Module > System Initialization > Document Numbering
  2. In the Document Numbering-Setup, double-click the left side of the document to create a numbering series for a specific document. (Example: A/R Invoices)
  3.  A series setup window will appear.
  4. To add a row for numbering series, Right-click on the number sign (Left Side of the Series Name). Then Click Add Row.
  5. Enter a unique Series Name which up to 8 characters.
  6. Enter the First No of the numbering series, by default the system, will generate the Next No. same as the First No.
  7. Enter the Last No. of the numbering series.
  8. Enter Prefix if applicable.
  9. Select the correct Period Indicator if applicable.
  10. Click Update the Series-Setup
  11. Click Update in the Document Numbering Series Setup
  • Repeat Steps for multiple series.
  • Make sure that the Period Indicator for each document series is the same as the Period Indicator in each posting period. once the Series is used, you cannot change the Series Period Indicator.

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