Setting Up a New Posting Period

Follow these steps to create a new posting period in SAP Business One.
  1. Go to Administration Module > System Initialization > Posting Period
  2. Click on New Period
  3. Enter Period Code which is the new fiscal year (Example: 2018)
  4. Enter the Period Name which is the new fiscal year (Example: 2018)
  5. Select "Months" in Sub-Periods
  6. When "Months" is selected, automatically "12" will be indicated in the No. of Periods.
  7. Select the Period Indicator if applicable. ​​​Note: Period Indicator must be correctly defined for it is a link to Document Numbering.
  8. By default, the period Status is "Unlocked", you can only change the status once you have added the posting period. 
  9. Click Add
​​Note: Automatically the system will create 12 Posting Periods once added.

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